Delivery Terms & Conditions

Online Shopping for Rynco Orchids

1. We will process the order after getting payment from you. And the supply is subject to availability. Hence confirm the order as soon as possible to avoid materials to go out of stock.

2. If any of the items are not available, excess amount will be refunded or exchanged by way of plants or as per your suggestion.

3. Once the courier is booked, It’s their responsibility to reach the plants on time and if any delay due to logistical problem, we cannot take the responsibility and usually they won’t respond if we make a complaint like delay in delivery ( All the courier companies are working on Franchisee model so the response will be poor)

4. Or you can suggest the best courier service provider in your location. We will book as per your suggestion.

5. Some time you might have paid the courier charges through online and our rates are calculated for professional courier service. And if you want to divert your preferred courier service or postal department, the difference amount you have to pay or we will reimburse.